Letting it all go… at least for today

Dear Lucy, This morning – watching the beautiful snow fall – I am overcome with a feeling of contentment I’ve never before experienced. I wondered if I’d drifted back to sleep and wasdreaming or if I was even still alive. I’m still not sure, but hey ho. It feels like I’ve let it all goContinue reading “Letting it all go… at least for today”

My Christmas Carol

Dear Lucy, My favourite story of all time is A Christmas Carol, and this year, I’ve had my very own ‘Ebeneezer moment’, though without the ghosts and spirits, thankfully. I was always intrigued by the theme of redemption. To know that it’s never too late to live your life differently, to live your life atContinue reading “My Christmas Carol”

Lifeline pen – parts 2 and 3 – The long goodbye

Dear Lucy, Shit’s getting real. That pen I wrote to you about recently – the green lifeline one (where I had the feeling, when it ends, so will I) – is literally hanging on by a pale, inky thread. Whilst I don’t think of myself as superstitious, I’m getting a bit concerned. I’m taking extraContinue reading “Lifeline pen – parts 2 and 3 – The long goodbye”